Baby Party


WARNING: Sappy post ahead 

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Between buying a new car, sifting through mounds of paperwork for our new house, work, and ever-growing to do lists, we haven’t had much time to sit back and reflect on this time in our lives. Every weekend seems to fill up with errands and I keep telling myself I need to take a step back. And somehow here we are at week 30. I am not sure where the entire second trimester went…

Amidst the mayhem, we got a chance to recharge this weekend at a local brewery with friends and family thanks to my best friend and life-long-love, Steph. With so many of our loves back East, I wasn’t sure how the day would go. But California delivered — the sun was shining with a nice cool breeze. The afternoon was filled with conversation, laughter, cringe-inducing baby food, and the softest red velvet cake EVER.


With Thanksgiving around the corner, I feel very thankful for the community and support from you all and the time to soak in future baby. This time of year always get me, and sometimes being far away from home gets rough, and you guys make it all better.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


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