Boyfriend (or rather husband) fashion

I’ve hardly worn real pants in years. And by real pants, I mean anything without an elastic waistband. Maybe it’s because we all know that my whole life I’ve been eating for two, and ain’t no one got time for dealing with unbuttoning pants due to fullness. So I thought, “..hey, maternity clothing should be easy.” Baggy shirts and leggings FTW.

And so far it has been. I’ve been coasting hiding under my oh-so-comfy oversized t-shirts and elastic bottoms. And let’s be honest, as a freelancer with a “home office”, I spend most of my days wearing PJs anyways. ‘Cuz…why not.

After feeling stuffed-as-a-sausage in my yoga pants, I thought it time to invest in my first pair of maternity jeans. Straight into the dressing room with a multitude of pants, I tried pair after pair. And with each pair, my sad tiny burrito bump was swimming in its “maternity pouch”. So looks like for now I will be wearing clothes somewhere in between my former self and my future mommy self.


I will be masquerading in my not-so-stylish version of boyfriend(/husband) fashion as I sport J’s comfy clothing. Why did I ever give up my 6th grade fascination with shopping in the guys’ section?


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