Act II


Excited about the second trimester. Spend the last three months napping and thinking about food. Being hungry without an appetite is its own form of torture.

I can already feel the minutiae of my body changing. But wondering when my belly will pop and the question of “burrito vs. baby” will become obvious. For now, I will settle with my baby beer belly and revel in the miracle magic that makes me look 10 lbs heavier while only having gained 2.

Tackling the Stuff

We thought it’d be fun to begin the process of figuring out what baby might need. Walk into what we originally thought was a tiny selection of baby products, and 5 seconds later we were completely and utterly overwhelmed. In a sea of parent gurus armed with the magical knowledge that I will hopefully somehow acquire, J and I began our journey into the aisles of indecision inducing choices.

We made a bee-line for the strollers. Somehow we thought this would be an easy decision to make. And then the questions came rolling in. Prams. Jogging strollers. Umbrella strollers. Hand brakes. Foot breaks. Do we need extra storage space? An option to add a second seat for baby round two? And amidst the confusion of trying to make decisions for a future child using the zero experience, we gravitated to a random stroller. J decided to test out the stroller’s easy fold feature…a simple feat for a highly intelligent aerospace engineer. Fast forward 15 minutes and poor pinched finger later, we surrendered to the mighty stroller.

Our first shopping trip was educational and a humbling experience into the world of baby. Here’s too learning a little more each day.

Note: After we returned home, we looked up how to fold the stroller on the internet, and it was indeed easy and simple…SCHOOLED.



Got to spy on baby during an ultrasound screening and hear the heartbeat. Baby is more than a dot.

Baby was busy bouncing and thumb sucking.


Two weeks ago, the doctor told me to start my round of medication post period.

I am frustrated that once again, my period is mysteriously late (a life-long inconvenience). I call him to check in, and ask whether I should continue to wait. Blood work and an ultrasound later, I am sitting and waiting for him to call with my results and a plan.

At 2:03pm the phone rings and he sounds confused. He hesitates as he tells me that the blood work confirmed that I am pregnant! He asks again whether this is possible.  I respond that it must be…but honestly can’t remember. We had been waiting for the next round of medications and lost track. In disbelief, I keep asking “are you sure?”, and after a bit more conversation, I hang up the phone still shaking from the news.

I wait a total of about 2 minutes before picking up the phone to call J at work. I admire those who plan elaborate and heartfelt ways to share the news with their partners. But I’m bad with secrets and have zero impulse control. I am still shaking from excitement, and know I won’t regain control of my motor functions until I tell my other half.

I ask him if it is possible that we are pregnant, and he is just as confused. #marriedlife.

We found out extra early and couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to meeting baby in the new year.

<3 <3 <3