IT’S A….


Today we went in to our 20-week anatomy scan and got another chance to peek in at baby. Baby was much more active than last time, tossing and turning. The technician dimmed the lights for us and we heard the heartbeat again and could even see the heart pulsing on the screen. We saw all baby’s bones and brain and I now feel justified in my lazy Netflix-watching couch days. I guess a lot has been going on behind the scenes.

Oh yea, and we found out the gender!

Before finding out, the internet/friends/family/myths/legends predicted the following.

According to all the old wives’ tales…

You’re carrying high: girl
You’re carrying low: boy

Baby’s heartbeat faster than 140/min: girl
Baby’s heart beats slower than 140/min: boy

Crarving sweets: girl
Craving salty foods: boy

No morning sickness: girl
Morning sickness: boy

Dad not gaining weight: girl
Dad gaining weight: boy

The Chinese gender predictor: girl

# of people who told me I was going to have a boy: 1
# of people who told me I was going to have a girl: 5

As we were walking out of the doctor’s office, I turned to J to ask him whether they had given us an ultrasound photo to take home with an obvious view of the baby’s gender. He pulled this out and said, “BAM!”

Here it is…our baby…spread eagle…


(and if you don’t what you’re looking at, we’re having a boy!)


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