The Waiting Game

It’s pretty amazing how time flies. I spent the first 20-ish weeks impatiently awaiting to start showing and feeling like I had all the time in the world until baby came. And then the last half flew by.  Belly popped, we searched for a new home, moved, and celebrated our first holiday season in LA.

As the final weeks and days approach, it all feels surreal once again. We have been preoccupied with trying to wrap up work and making sure we have all the essentials for our first couple weeks with baby. I’ve been pretty blessed with an easy pregnancy, and have just started to feel the physical tolls of carrying an extra 20 lbs in my belly.  I’ve been waddling hardcore, and every week at yoga seems to become more and more challenging.

Now, at 39 weeks, we just sit back and savor our last moments as a two-some. Can’t wait for the next stage!


Who is who?


Last minute on the night before our baby-shindig, we decided it’d be fun to make our friends pick us out of a line-up of photos of asian babies. After sifting through family photo albums and scouring the internet for random asian babies to diversity our selection, we hoped that we would stump our guests. We grinned and smiled as everyone debated over the photographs, and while we were anticipating people being confused over which babies were J and I, we never thought that people would think that photos of us would be the SAME baby.

So East Coast/far away/internet/blogosphere family and friends, I implore you, who is who?




Baby Party


WARNING: Sappy post ahead 

Life has been pretty hectic lately. Between buying a new car, sifting through mounds of paperwork for our new house, work, and ever-growing to do lists, we haven’t had much time to sit back and reflect on this time in our lives. Every weekend seems to fill up with errands and I keep telling myself I need to take a step back. And somehow here we are at week 30. I am not sure where the entire second trimester went…

Amidst the mayhem, we got a chance to recharge this weekend at a local brewery with friends and family thanks to my best friend and life-long-love, Steph. With so many of our loves back East, I wasn’t sure how the day would go. But California delivered — the sun was shining with a nice cool breeze. The afternoon was filled with conversation, laughter, cringe-inducing baby food, and the softest red velvet cake EVER.


With Thanksgiving around the corner, I feel very thankful for the community and support from you all and the time to soak in future baby. This time of year always get me, and sometimes being far away from home gets rough, and you guys make it all better.


<3 <3 <3 <3 <3



The bump is out. I’ve crossed over from burrito to baby and I’m kind of loving it. For the first time in my life, it feels like my stomach is something to show off despite being heavier than I’ve ever been 👀. Don’t get me wrong, I would never ditch my baggy shirts. Never ever. Not even for future baby.

And not only is the bump out, it is officially starting to get in the way of things.  Waistbands, buttons, super squishy hugs– oh yea, and my internal organs. I can no longer eat to no end and seem to be running out of room both inside and outside.

…so I finally caved! After a month long pajama party, I finally made my first preggers purchase with a pair of oh-so-comfy leggings that are only going to protect future food babies and allow me to slide into blubbery whale-dom post pregnancy. I guess it’s official.


Boyfriend (or rather husband) fashion

I’ve hardly worn real pants in years. And by real pants, I mean anything without an elastic waistband. Maybe it’s because we all know that my whole life I’ve been eating for two, and ain’t no one got time for dealing with unbuttoning pants due to fullness. So I thought, “..hey, maternity clothing should be easy.” Baggy shirts and leggings FTW.

And so far it has been. I’ve been coasting hiding under my oh-so-comfy oversized t-shirts and elastic bottoms. And let’s be honest, as a freelancer with a “home office”, I spend most of my days wearing PJs anyways. ‘Cuz…why not.

After feeling stuffed-as-a-sausage in my yoga pants, I thought it time to invest in my first pair of maternity jeans. Straight into the dressing room with a multitude of pants, I tried pair after pair. And with each pair, my sad tiny burrito bump was swimming in its “maternity pouch”. So looks like for now I will be wearing clothes somewhere in between my former self and my future mommy self.


I will be masquerading in my not-so-stylish version of boyfriend(/husband) fashion as I sport J’s comfy clothing. Why did I ever give up my 6th grade fascination with shopping in the guys’ section?

IT’S A….


Today we went in to our 20-week anatomy scan and got another chance to peek in at baby. Baby was much more active than last time, tossing and turning. The technician dimmed the lights for us and we heard the heartbeat again and could even see the heart pulsing on the screen. We saw all baby’s bones and brain and I now feel justified in my lazy Netflix-watching couch days. I guess a lot has been going on behind the scenes.

Oh yea, and we found out the gender!

Before finding out, the internet/friends/family/myths/legends predicted the following.

According to all the old wives’ tales…

You’re carrying high: girl
You’re carrying low: boy

Baby’s heartbeat faster than 140/min: girl
Baby’s heart beats slower than 140/min: boy

Crarving sweets: girl
Craving salty foods: boy

No morning sickness: girl
Morning sickness: boy

Dad not gaining weight: girl
Dad gaining weight: boy

The Chinese gender predictor: girl

# of people who told me I was going to have a boy: 1
# of people who told me I was going to have a girl: 5

As we were walking out of the doctor’s office, I turned to J to ask him whether they had given us an ultrasound photo to take home with an obvious view of the baby’s gender. He pulled this out and said, “BAM!”

Here it is…our baby…spread eagle…


(and if you don’t what you’re looking at, we’re having a boy!)

If ya don’t know, now ya know



I am bad at secrets. Always have been. Always will be. We shared the news personally with our closest friends and family, but finally today, at 16 weeks, we told the “world” (social media) that we’re expecting. Phew. Cat’s out of the bag.