The Waiting Game

It’s pretty amazing how time flies. I spent the first 20-ish weeks impatiently awaiting to start showing and feeling like I had all the time in the world until baby came. And then the last half flew by.  Belly popped, we searched for a new home, moved, and celebrated our first holiday season in LA.

As the final weeks and days approach, it all feels surreal once again. We have been preoccupied with trying to wrap up work and making sure we have all the essentials for our first couple weeks with baby. I’ve been pretty blessed with an easy pregnancy, and have just started to feel the physical tolls of carrying an extra 20 lbs in my belly.  I’ve been waddling hardcore, and every week at yoga seems to become more and more challenging.

Now, at 39 weeks, we just sit back and savor our last moments as a two-some. Can’t wait for the next stage!



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